Saturday, October 2, 2010


Q: I was wondering, what has been the hardest thing/transition been for you while in Jordan?

A: The hardest thing for me is the lack on understanding and speaking Arabic. Many years ago, I took Arabic at the University, so thankfully I do understand and speak at a basic level. However, being that I don't completely understand and speak the language, I miss out on many opportunities. I miss out on family conversation and communication. I also find it very difficult at work. Even though everyone I work with speak English fluently, I miss out on many learning opportunities and interactions as they discuss topics among themselves. At first, It was also was nervous leaving the house-I thought I would have a difficult time if I got lost driving; however, I have overcome that fear as I now know my way around Amman, I know I can communicate at basic Arabic, and nearly everyone in Amman speak English at some level.

I also miss the outdoors that I enjoyed so much back in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In Amman, there are very few walking trails or parks to enjoy the outdoors. There are not many trees and not any lakes, which is difficult for me because I love both of them so much.

Last, but not least, my family. I miss my family and friends. Especially now, as my younger sister is pregnant with her first baby! I am so happy for her and it's so difficult to be far away....especially knowing that I won't meet her little one until she is at least a few months old.

But Alhumdillah (Thank God), we all have our health and each other. No matter the distance, we are a close family and we can communicate with modern technologies. The trees and lakes, I will enjoy during my summer vacations back home. And I am learning the language as I am engrossed in it everyday.

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