Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Name

Q1. Just wondering if you can keep up with American Football?
Q2. What sports do you guys have in Jordan?

A1. I love the Vikings and today I am so thrilled to hear that Randy Moss will be returning to play with Bret Favre! Interestingly, I use to live in WI where Favre use to play...at that time I hated Brett Favre because I was a Viking fan from Minnesota and that's what I am suppose to do :-) Now that he is a Vike...I love Brett Favre (in your Face all my WI friends...ha...had to throw that at my wonderful friends in WI, who understand me)! So I am so looking forward to Brett and Moss playing together! It pretty much Rocks! Now, I just hope I get to actually watch some of the games this year. We have satellite TV and we can watch football....depending on what team they are broadcasting....sadly, it is not always the Vikings. Also, as the games are shown live, we watch them live here. This means that if it is a Monday night game, we would have to start watching around 300am! So yes, we stay up to date with how the team is doing, but unfortunately, we don't always get to watch the game.

A2. Soccer or Football, as the rest of the world calls it, is The Game in Jordan. I don't know anything about Soccer and when the World Cup was going on, I had no idea what was all the hype about...ha!

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